Friday, September 10, 2010

My Little One Is 2

Last Sunday my baby girl turned 2 years old. We celebrated with a party at our house, nothing big but she still had a lot of fun and got plenty of stuff.

(My princess on her birthday)

Isn't she just so beautiful

She was loving her new wagon. Well her and her cousin both were. They screamed if you stopped pulling them around lol

This is what we got her. She loved it. When she got on it in the house she ran into a wall and then another wall lol.

And I love this pic of my baby sister. She looks so cute pregnant :) She's about to pop with her second one (I'm a little jealous)


  1. You're lucky I don't live closer... because if I did, I'd be very tempted to come steal her away! She's too cute!

  2. Hi !
    Such a cute little girl you have. I have cf and I am 38 years old. I haven´t got the luck to be a mum because I had a double lungtransplant in 1995 and a kidneytransplant 2006. Here in Sweden you are not allowed to adopt a child either when you have a disease. It isn´t either allowed with a surrogate nad I love children, so this have been such a sorrow for me and my husband. I have a sister with cf and she and her husband get pregnant and got a boy 2005. He is healthy.Take care. Best wishes from carola in Sweden Europe.