Thursday, October 15, 2009

The First Year, introducing my little girl

As I sit here writing this I'm so amazed at how fast this passed year has gone by, the year that my daughter has been a part of my life. Well 13 months to be exact. I want to tell everyone about my daughter and all the adorable, crazy, sill and sometimes scary things that she does but since I'm just now beginning to blog about our lives I feel I need to rewind a little and tell everyone about our journey to end up where we are now so....

This was me when I was pregnant with my baby girl. I was like 35 weeks here. I had a normal healthy pregnancy with no complications and the easiest labor and delivery (like 4 1/2 hours) Thank GOD!

This is Lily and me right after she was born. She was so small. Like 6lbs 6 1/2oz and 18 3/4 inches long. She was completely healthy (no cf) and her only problem was an eye that stayed gooey and crusted over... turns out she had a clogged tear duct... no biggie we just had to massage it and put antibiotic drops in it.

The cutest darn thing you've ever seen lol. And so happy, she's always been that way. In her hospital pic she's kinda got a little smile on her face.

This was my little munchkin at 4 months. This was the month she got bronchitis and had to do albuterol nebs. That was stressful. She screamed and bucked and I had to give them to her every 4 hours. I am so glad she doesn't have cf.

6 months. You will come to see I am obsessed with fairys and taking pictures so it only fits that I would dress my cutie pie up like a fairy and take pictures of her lol. This isn't her only fairy pic by the way

Here we are at 9 months. She was just standing up by herself. Not pulling up (she did that before she crawled) this was her popping herself up from sitting down. It was the funniest thing to watch. If only I had video of it. Oh well...

Here she is with papaw at 11 months. She was walking at 10 months but I didn't have any good pics of it. So here she is on the move.

....And finally this is my little darling today at 13 months. It's untelling what that is that she's got on my couch there lol. But I have found that that is only one of the many 'perks' lmao of motherhood. I don't think my house has been completely clean from the moment she was born. But I guess that's something you sacrifice for the wonderful, beautiful gift of motherhood.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Well I'm off to read some blogs and send some comments

Love Misha and Lil


  1. What an adorable little Lily you have!

  2. Very precious little girl!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I look forward to following yours!!

  3. Hi Misha!
    Your Little Lillian is just so cute! My youngest daughter is Lillian too, she is 17 months.
    And I think we have the same type of couch and that thing is the hardest thing to keep clean with kids!lol But yes childred are def. worth the mess that comes with them!