Saturday, November 14, 2009

This crazy, hectic life

I know it's been foreverish since my last post :( I meant to post Wordless Wednesday and Flashback Friday for two weeks but never got around to it. And I actually found some baby pictures of me.

Me and my husband have been going through a rough patch for quite a while now and last week things just kind of exploded. And on top of that Lily has turned into quite the terror. I started to post a couple of times but I was just so angry and then depressed, I really didn't want to bring all that drama to my blog, but things have gotten semi better so I'm back. But I have been reading all your posts :)

Lily is now 14 months as of the 5th. She's developing quite the little attitude and completely attached to my hip. I have to do everything because she wants NOTHING to do with J, can't say as I blame her really (I know that's pretty mean but he's become the pure devil lately, not that he wasn't always grumpy). I don't have time to turn around! She's constantly in my lap she screams to be in my lap and if I'm doing anything else I have to pick her up. It's kinda cute because she's constantly hugging and kissing me. But lately that's about all that's cute. If she doesn't get her way (which is quite often, because she's into everything and climbing on everything) she flops around on the floor kicking and screaming, throwing a tantrum. She has refused to sleep in her bed and nobody gets any sleep when she's in the bed and she has fell out on her head for the second time now. IF I can actually get her to take a nap through the day so I can get something done, the second I lay her down she screams I have to hold her the whole time. And on top of that my mother in law has to tell me what I'm raising my daughter all wrong and that I have my daughter spoiled rotten. And it's all my fault! I know I'm gonna miss this someday but I'm pulling my hair out right now.

But she is saying a lot more words now. Her favorite word for now is tickle tickle tickle. It's so cute she'll be looking at a book and say tickle tickle tickle and turn the page and say that for every page. She also said mama and pulled her shirt up the other day and said tickle tickle tickle and I tickled her lol. She loves to be tickled. She's also saying uh huh and uh uh when you ask her if she wants something. But that's only sometimes. And she says "this" and points to everything. It's cute, and she sounds so southern, just like her mama :) lol. She's also got to do everything mama does. I had just gotten done with my nebs the other day and i heard this deep breathing and I turn around and she has my neb holding it just like mommy and breathing in it deep lol. It was cute. If I don't take them and clean them out right away though she grabs em up and starts breathing them lol.

My lungs are pretty good now. Last week they were so tight. I finally started doing my advair like I'm supposed to. It's funny, I've been doing my meds like I'm supposed to, but I ALWAYS forget advair for some reason. But I've forced myself to put it in plain sight right next to my nebs and I've been doing it for a couple days now, and there's a BIG difference. So I'm feeling great.

I hope everyone's doing great


  1. So sorry things are rough =(
    But I sure am glad your feeling better =)


  2. I always have the hardest time remembering my inhaled steroids too. I don't know why!!! So you're not alone in that. And the part about Lily breathing your nebs made me laugh out loud - I actually have another CF mom friend who says her little girl does the same thing!