Friday, November 27, 2009

Flashback Friday

Welcome to Flashback Friday! The idea is to post about anything in your past. Put up pictures of yourself in embarrassingly dated clothing. Tell the story of something that has happened. The arena is wide open. Choose any medium you wish, but focus on some element of your past that you wish to share.

Because I'm too lazy to plug my scanner back in.... here are some pics from a little over a year ago.

This is me my mom and Lily. It was taken 5 1/2 weeks after giving birth, and I was back in my size 5 jeans! I wish I could say I'm still that small but I'm no where near a 5... damn birth control lol.... lost all the baby weight and then got fat again, but without a cute little belly this time.

She was just so little and cute (still is)

She had the tiniest, cutest little tootsies :)

I miss her being so little, and she just grew so fast!

I miss having an infant in the house, but I'm just happy that she's healthy and growing like she's supposed to.

♥♥♥I love this little girl♥♥♥

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  1. Look at all of that dark hair!!! Too cute...