Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not My Week

I'm not really sure where to begin really other than to say I HATE MICE! Ugghhh! I live on my landlords farm in a tiny little trailer (he lives in a nice humongous house somewhere else) we kinda watch over things and make sure no one tries to steal his cows (again) or anything else really. So the rent is pretty cheap, well actually this is all we can afford. Last year we really didn't have any problems (except for trying to find a place for our things) but last year we also had 4 cats. This year however has been a different story. The place isn't in the best of shape but since J is a good carpenter we thought we could improve it and make it livable. A couple months ago we decided to put down hardwood floors, we got into the job and realized about half the floor needed to be replaced, it was rotting. Not only that but an entire wall needed to be torn down and reframed out and everything. In the middle of all this construction we had a bunch of mice come in. We set traps and finally put out some poison under the trailer and no more mice. But all the food I had in the pantry had to be thrown away, since we aren't in the best shape financially this really sucked, but we got through it and restocked our pantry. I thought we were done with this issue but now I think we have an entire colony in our home. I bought plastic totes and put all our food in them so they had nothing to eat so maybe if they starved they would find somewhere else to go... well apparently that's not the case, now they're in our bedroom in our clothes I opened a drawer the other day and a mouse flew out at me... how do they get in there?!?! We've set traps and apparently we either don't know how to set a trap properly or they're some smart little boogers. The food's gone when we check the traps but no mouse! I have some cat's on the way so I'm afraid of putting out more mouse poison but I can NOT live with mice. I've been MIA lately cleaning everything! I've never seen so much mouse poop in my life! I want out of here so bad. I've tried so hard to live here and like this piece of crap. I've bought a new rug, hung tons of pics and everything. I don't mean I have to have a big nice place but i hate it here. Anyone got any advice on the mouse issue?

On top of all this rodent issues my daughter is teething bad! She is so hateful! I looked in her mouth and at first she had 4 of her bigger teeth the ones close the back trying to come in. I thought that was bad but now she has 7 teeth trying to come in at once,4 have broke the skin a little at once. and the rest are swollen and are about to break through at any time. She is so miserable and in the process I'm pulling my hair out.

And I think she wants to be potty trained. She loves her little potty. She likes to sit on it and if I'm ever on my big potty she screams at me unless I put her on her potty too. And she has started squatting when she pees. I took her diaper off of her the other day to get in the bath and instead of her usually peeing while she's walking or just standing there she squatted and peed all over the floor. And I've noticed she's doing this even when she has a diaper on. It's actually cute. But so far she's never peed in the potty when I put her on it. But according to my parents she should be potty trained by now. Apparently I was potty trained at 12months.... I thought this was crazy but... Anyway there is so much goin on right now and I'm sorry I haven't blogged for a while but I didn't have anything to write about. I like writing about good news but I'm really frustrated right now.

My lungs are so so. I'm coughing up more crap and the tightness is gone yay there. I guess I don't really know what's going on. I'll know more though soon my clinic appt is the 14th I think so I'm hoping for good news. But my sinuses are buggin me. I think I have a little polyp in there. I've never had this problem but I'm worried. I've never had to have a sinus surgery but I hear they're rough. Maybe I'm a wuss but I'm a little scared that's what they're gonna want to do. I'm breathing good, don't seem to be blocked but when the heat comes on at my place my sinus are so dry, and it doesn't help that I continually forget to turn the humidifier on.

And in other news I CANT sleep! I'm just so hyped up. I don't know why? I've never had that problem in my life. I love sleep. I'm not on prednisone or anything. I've never been on it actually. But I was wondering if inhaled steroids can do the same thing. I used to be on Advair 250/50 but when I was pregnant and my asthma was worse they moved me to 500/50 it worked good and I had no problems with it. Since I just now started fitting my advair in since I gave birth to Lil maybe the 500 is too much. I keep forgetting to tell them to switch it back but my clinic visits usually go like this... you're doing good... everything looks good, ok we'll make no changes. See you in 3 months. The only reason I was told at my last clinic visit to do nebs once a day was that I told them that's what I was already doing anyway.

I don't know what's goin on. Well I hope everyone's doing great!


  1. Man, sounds like you have been having a rough time!!! So sorry.. my prayers are with you (and AGAINST the mice!).

    About the polyp... if you do have one, it doesn't mean you have to have sinus surgery right away. I actually had a bunch of polyps as a kid - I used to regularly have one on each side - but I've never had sinus surgery. My doctor instead put me on a nasal steroid (flonase in my case) and that was enough to clear up the polyps, even the ones he was sure I'd need surgery on. So if your doctors do find a polyp, ask if you can try a nasal steroid before surgery, if you aren't already on one.

  2. I had three sinus surgeries by the time I was 10. I honestly don't remember them being as terrible as people say they are. But I had HORRIBLE polyps... I mean they were EVERYWHERE! So maybe the relief was just so much that I didn't mind the pain after the surgery. I still struggle with polyps, but not nearly as much as I used to. Flonase has kept them pretty much under control in recent years. I totally agree with Cindy- there are measures that can be taken before surgery is necessary.
    I'm sorry you are struggling so much in your personal life right now. I can totally relate to the financial issues and not loving the place I live in. But you've definitely one-upped me with the mice and the teething toddler! I'm sorry. Good luck, I hope things start looking up for you soon.